DBTrader Services provides professional, customized programming services for TradeStation clients. Owner and software engineer Sean Beebe has 20 years of programming experience, including for major corporations such as GE. He has been providing professional consulting and programming for TradeStation clients since 2006.

No project is too difficult. Whether you need a simple indicator or strategy or a complex system that requires custom application, DLL or database development, we can help. Our clients include small independent traders and institutional trading firms throughout the U.S. and overseas. We offer system design and consulting to bring your project to reality no matter who you are or where you are located.

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Programming Services

The creation of indicators and strategies with EasyLanguage is at the heart of the TradeStation platform. Many traders who try to develop their own EasyLanguage programs can often get frustrated attempting to write what may be fairly simple instructions. We have many years of experience writing EasyLanguage code and can speed your project to completion.

The introduction of object-oriented EasyLanguage (OOEL) in TradeStation 9.0 has significantly increased the power and flexibility of the program but this also adds another layer of complexity for trader’s attempting to learn the language. We have been using OOEL since it was introduced to the platform and have completed many projects using advanced object functionality such as Windows forms, automated trading with order placement objects, market depth, optimization API and more.

Once of the most powerful features of the TradeStation platform is the ability to create strategies that can be backtested, optimized and used to automate your trading. We have experience with a wide range of strategies and can help you quickly get your trading ideas coded so you can test them. Good systems often include more than just a set of entry conditions.  You’ll want to include a good market filter, exit strategy and position sizing. Perhaps you’ll want to include logic to add to your positions or take partial profits. We can provide you with many different options to test and help you find the best system that works for you.
The TradeStation SDK is an interface that allows for integration between TradeStation and other Windows programs. We’ve written DLLs to integrate with external data sources such as databases and 3rd party data vendors. We’ve built programs to allow users to place orders and manage their positions from outside TradeStation. If you have a program feature that can’t be implemented in EasyLanguage it is likely that we can help you implement it by building a windows program with a DLL interface to TradeStation. In addition to our EasyLanguage expertise we also have extensive experience in C#.NET, C++ and Windows program development.

Top Skills:

Software Development • Trading Systems • .NET • C# • Software Engineering • Programming • Software Design • TradeStation •  EasyLanguage • MultiCharts • XML

I have worked with Sean Beebe for over 3 years, and he is by far the most competent, flexible, and dynamic trading systems developer available for freelance trading system development projects.

His level of professionalism, personableness, and attention to detail is unparalleled, and he has the unique gift of being able to innovate across programming languages and development platforms.

Sean is the only person I trust to do high demand projects that require handling of confidential and proprietary information. He gets the job done efficiently, and he protects your intellectual property.

David Simpson

Ashalon Capital

Sean has taken my trading indicator ideas and programmed them into TradeStation and other platforms for many years. He’s great at what he does and I enjoy working with him.

John F. Carter

Author, Mastering the Trade. Founder, www.SimplerTrading.com

Sean has been doing complex computer programing for me on the Trade Station Platform for the past 3 years . He has been brilliant, exacting, creative, knowledgeable, cost effective and reliable concerning our entire project. I recommend him to anyone doing financial programing of a creative or rules based nature enthusiastically and without reservation.

Jim Fleischman

Sean Beebe

Chief Software Engineer

DBTrader Services Inc.
PO Box 5841
Salem, OR 97304

E-mail: sean.dbtrader@gmail.com
TradeStation Forum Alias: S@DBTrader

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