EasyLanguage SQL Server Add-On


DBTrader has developed an add-on that allows TradeStation users to perform updates on a Microsoft SQL Server database directly from EasyLanguage. The interface is designed for users who are familiar with EasyLanguage and need a method to quickly perform more in-depth analysis on their data. For example, users who do a lot of strategy development may export each performance report or optimization report to Excel for further analysis. However, this is a manual process and can be time-consuming. With the EasyLanguage SQL Server add-on users can export strategy performance data to a custom database automatically and instantly generate reports based on SQL queries. Please enter your TradeStation Customer ID in the Special Instructions Field when checking out. After purchase, you will receive a link to download the add-on. For installation you will need a registration key. This will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 hours). More Info »

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DBTrader Relative Volume Indicators for TradeStation


The DBTrader Relative Volume Indicators for TradeStation are a set of 3 indicators to help traders identify abnormally high or low intraday volume in futures and stocks. They are designed to alert traders to possible trading opportunities when volume is relatively more active or less active during the day. The indicators can be plotted on any intraday minute interval and all the alerts and highlighting can be customized to your needs. The 3 indicators are: DBTrader Relative Volume (for Chart Analysis) DBTrader Relative Volume Radar (for RadarScreen) DBTrader Relative Volume Scan (for Scanner) Compatible with TradeStation 9.1 (Update 29) and TradeStation 9.5 and above. Free trial available in the TradeStation TradingApp Store. $15.00 per month. View¬†the DBTrader Relative Volume Indicators for TradeStation Manual  

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I’ve used 3 programmers so far and you’re by far the best. I’ll have no problem recommending you if the need arises.


I’ve worked with Sean on multiple programming projects for several years now, and on every occasion he has shown to be attentive, well organized, and intelligent. The level of skill that he brings to his work is unprecedented in the field. Sean is a valuable asset. He always delivers!Finally, Sean remains at the top of my list as a great resource to pursue for all future algorithmic trading initiatives.

Matthew Cimmino

Owner at StrategyDB.com, LION

Sean did a great job for us this year. He is intelligent and flexible and he delivered excellent work. We enjoyed working with him!

Erik Baanstra

Private Investor, Kettlebell Trainer, Algorithm Designer

Sean Beebe

Chief Software Engineer

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E-mail: sean.dbtrader@gmail.com
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